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Sunday, May 14, 2017

JEREMY THOMAS --- The Lavoisier-Lord-Kelvin syndrome

Jeremy Thomas

April 27 at 6:42pm
When you know that you are right with plenty of solid evidence supporting your claims you can stand alone against the empty talk or disdain coming from the high priests of Science or the clueless "analysis" of traditional ufologists/debunkers and the even beyond clueless UFO/ET believers, these people usually need "social support" to feel safe and certain but when you are right you do not need anything else.
April 27 at 3:59pm
Morphing Anomaly, today's scientific and academic elite is plagued with perceive dysfunction: The Lavoisier-Lord-Kelvin syndrome:
Morphing Anomaly 01/29/15 4:36pm EST.

Jeremy Thomas April 26 at 4:27pm The scientific and academic elite had been so disconnected from Reality

The scientific and academic elite had been so disconnected from Reality that they will have a hysterical breakdown facing the reality of Anomalies, they will need counseling and group support for a long time.
The spoiled kids at the "best universities" in the world will need also counseling and group support and perhaps spontaneous manifestations will erupt in places like Berkeley because Reality can't be that way....

Jeremy Thomas April 23,24,25,26 -- Anomalies' videos

Franny Hudson May 12, 13, 14 -- Anomalies' videos


                                                             Youtube channel   

May 14 at 2:13pm
DIY RC Blimp with balloons
May 13 at 9:06pm 

Done! Really is an amazing capture Jeremy Thomas as you say the best captures are always the future ones. Certainly no thin tether attached to this object! Hope I explained this capture well.
Anomaly Separates And Joins Again AMAZING!!
May 13 at 12:08pm 

flock of anomalies captured by Dani Dvora the person who's footages is filmed on an angle.

May 13 at 11:01am
Seen this comment by ufo theater I really had to laugh! Once they get the telescope or high magnification there going to see what we have been saying for years now. They will probably go back to low magnification after that to keep views up and beliefs.
Seen this comment by ufo theater I really had to laugh! Once they get the telescope or high magnific.

May 12 at 11:53am 

I recorded this when I first started making observations! I regret this now but at the same time it really was a learning curve. This is an aircraft when the sun sets moving towards the sun on a angle. I leave it up as a reminder that I was wrong but this was when I was inexperienced! It gives the effect of a row or glowing orbs.
Franny Hudson
May 12 at 11:04am 

Flock Of Anomalies Recorded By Peter Maxwell.
UFO FLEET Over Melbourne Australia 4th of May 2017

Franny Hudson May 8, 9, 10, 11 - Anomalies' videos


                                                             Youtube channel   

Franny Hudson
May 11 at 5:17pm

Star shaped anomaly seen today I recorded it much lower! but it never done much till further away it started responding to mirror signalling.
Flaring Anomaly Next To Electric Pylon HD
May 10 at 8:47pm

melting balloon anomalies from yesterday such a beautiful object.
Blue Melting Anomaly With Flaring Tether And Blue Aura (Motion Tracked)
May 10 at 3:13pm
Captures by Brad Morris
Exotic Knowns - (Balloons) April 2017
May 10 at 1:56pm
Variable Anomaly Amazing Flight Pattern Full Footage !
May 9 at 8:07pm

Here's a review of today's sightings!
Flybys! Observations Of Anomalies 09/05/17 HD

Franny Hudson
May 8 at 10:05am

capture of an anomaly with a flyby at 1.50 captured by UFO WATCHER.

Franny Hudson May 5, 6 -- Anomalies' videos


                                                             Youtube channel   
Franny Hudson

May 6 at 7:24pm
Found a new channel documenting anomalies

May 6 at 1:32pm
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May 6 at 1:32pm side by side footage of my footage and Jeremy Thomas capture! Hope you don't mind Jeremy I give credit to your video in the description as well.
Wing Shaped Anomaly VS Wing Shaped Anomaly HD

May 6 at 1:06pm

Found this channel that has recorded a few anomalies over the years.
UFO 5 3 2017
May 5 at 9:25pm 

very similar to your capture Jeremy Thomas of the no tumbling bird anomaly amazing.

May 5 at 7:28pm

Today's observations plenty of variables! there was some low ones that I never posted on the footage. Windy again today so very slow going but at the end of the day it became more active.
Anomaly Observations 05/05/17 HD

Franny Hudson May 2, 3, 4 -- Anomalies' videos


                                                             Youtube channel   
Franny Hudson

May 4 at 7:54pm

here's the variable anomaly I have seen today.
Variable Anomaly (Bag Shaped) Odd Flight Path
Franny Hudson
May 4 at 7:04pm

This person recorded a variable anomaly (bag shaped) with a laminar object passing at 0.14 seconds.

May 4 at 9:38am
UFO WATCHER caught this anomalous object

seems to have zero tumbling with a large payload at the bottom.

Franny Hudson
May 3 at 5:51pm 
This person commented on my footage saying balloons! here's his comment go check out what he said Jeremy Thomas. Then go on the link and read about his beliefs he's a big admirer of Trevor J Constable and using IR footage. His short footage and some pictures are clearly balloon anomalies recorded in IR. This person commented on my footage saying balloons! here's his comment...

May 2 at 5:51pm
Seen this flaring neck anomaly this morning. Also there was a dual balloon anomaly that appeared next to a contrail! I could record the object and it moved very fast towards another contrail for me to record. Very cool but it wasn't a good morph to defend unfortunately.

trevor james constable