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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jeremy Thomas December 13 at 6:42pm -- Simplicity versus Obfuscation.

December 13 at 6:42pm

Simplicity versus Obfuscation. 

The success of Mathematics in almost any field of human activity is due to many factors, one of these factors is its intrinsic use of "parsimony" or the explicit use of "economic of thought" or the tendency to use a minimal set of assumptions(axioms) trying to "explain" a given result. 

The success of the mathematical approach in natural science and in Physics in particular implies that Reality should be "working" along the same minimalist principles and many physical "laws" can indeed be deducted from variational/minimalists mathematical principles. 

That is why in Science "simple" explanations are preferred over convoluted/obfuscated ones and that general approach obviously had great success. 

But the blind use of this reductionist approach can backfire and as a matter of fact the current situation regarding the incapacity of Official Science to acknowledge the reality of Anomalies is due in part to the incorrect use in general of this philosophical approach and the incapacity of the Science's Elite to recognize the intrinsic limitations of reductionism, pointed in part by the Godel's incompleteness theorems in Mathematical Logic. 

The failure of Official Science and Traditional Ufology on the reality of Anomalies can in fact be linked on one side by the blind use of simplicity by Official Science and the overly use of obfuscation by Traditional Ufology. Reality appears to be somewhere in the middle of these two extreme approaches.

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