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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Solidaevidencia Archivos 11/2 às 3:41 -- Anomaly, "mickey mouse"

Comparto con ustedes un video filmado en el mes pasado de un objeto globo tipo mickey que aparecio cerca de una gran nube estatico y suspendido y luego comenzo a bajar lentamente,les mando un abrazo!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I share with you a video filmed last mickey balloon object type that appeared close to a static cloud suspended and then began to fall slowly, I send a hug!-------------- ------ avisen si no logran verlo.
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Franny Hudson Great catch Looks identical! the one I captured came past after a plasma like anomaly had past, so it's 100 percent in my opinion an anomaly. That's why sharing with multiple observers is important.
GostoResponder111/2 às 8:19
Solidaevidencia Archivos Es verdad es lo mismo!
Yo lo tenia mas lejos al objeto, pero es identico, sin hilo o extension
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